Monday, May 17, 2010

Tools of the trade

So I made a goal for myself to at least *try* to come up with something to post here every day, or at least every couple of days if life got busy. I was grasping for something to post, being new to this whole blog thing, and then decided that I would blog about my poor man photography tricks. But then... all I really had to post was "I use a gold edged Edgar Allan Poe book, and some paper. Voila!" So I figured that I would leave the photography tips and hints up to Sandy to post. She's been trolling the internet for years now coming up with fancy new things to do with her newish Canon SLR Camera (More or less the same as mine, but about 5 years newer with all sorts of new stuff. haha), and has pointed ME towards all of the ghetto tricks I use, so I didn't think it was right for me to pull that spotlight from her. :)

Aaannnnddd... I still didn't have anything to write about. So then I thought "Hey! I can take a picture of all of my beads and talk about them some!" And then it turned into extras including findings and glues, and then tools, and then papers, and then the box I hold all of my bookthongs in, and that stupid Edgar Allan Poe book, and the floss I use for the braids, and then I had somehow accumulated an ENTIRE COFFEE TABLE OF STUFF!!!!! And that was about the time that I realized that my life was really weird, and no wonder my hutch always looked crowded, no matter how much I cleaned. And, jeeze, do I have a lot of stuff.

And there it is. All of the stuff I use to make all of the stuff I make. Ok, not all of it; I know for a fact I'm missing a couple of things, but I had to save it from the boychild and didn't want to risk taking another picture.  :) Also, for anyone wondering why I haven't finished the "Custom Bookthong" section of the webpage, count those opaque plastic containers: the larger ones on the corners are 4 rows deep, and the smaller ones in the middle are 3. Each and every one of those slots is full with a different kind, shape, or color of bead, finding or charm. Now add in about 1/2 of the medium containers with the blue lids, and all of the smaller containers with blue lids, the purple lids on the left and right, the four small flat containers on the right, AND the four large tubs in front. I'm not exactly good at math, but I came up with a whole freaking lot. So, you know... it may take a little time to catalog all of those, take pictures, and then turn them into HTML. But I AM working on it. :D

Any of you have any additional ideas on how to store embroidery floss, by the way? The little plastic baggies work well enough, but it's not exactly aesthetically pleasing. haha

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