Thursday, May 20, 2010


So, if you couldn't tell by the picture I took last post x2 ago, then I'm just gonna say it. We have a LOT of beads. Big beads, and small beads, (and some as big at your head! hahaaa.... errm ok. Sorry.) and shiny beads, and dull beads, and glass beads, and acrylic beads, and wood beads, and yes! YES. Even BONE beads.. though we won't sell you those unless you ask for them. Yes, they are cow, and supposedly they were hand carved by monks, and if you're interested, send me a message and I'll tell you all about them... but that's neither here nor there. :) I have many favorites that I try to work into every piece I make, when appropriate... and I have others that I cringe just to think about. We've purchased several bargain variety packs over the years, and there are usually a LOT of variety in those. Different shapes, sizes, textures, and quality.. and sometimes there's only one or two of any different type. The worst ones are the Pony Beads.

Of course, It's mostly because of Girl Scouts that I have this very strong aversion to Pony Beads. You know, those large plastic beads with the large hole that can fit almost any type of string? They come in about a bajillion different colors and shapes, and they can be found in almost any store where crafts supplies can be found. In Girl Scouts... we used them a LOT. Like, A LOT a lot. They are cheap, you can get them in bulk, and you can do almost anything with them with short stubby little kid fingers. Out of all of the containers from that picture two posts ago, only ONE of the large blue containers held round pony beads (the ones I hate the most). I may have two or three other slots or containers holding stars, or hearts, but they are few and far between.

Now, as you may have remembered from my first post (not the welcome, but my first real post), I recently got the chance to make a necklace for a co-worker of Sandy's. The necklace was for a teenage boy, who was very active in sports. This wasn't something I could just throw some glass beads at, and expect them to last very long! So... I had to revert to Pony Beads. My revulsion to the whole idea made me desperately try to find an alternative, which I finally succeeded at finding 5 of (out of 16 needed). I made the necklace twice before I figured out an appropriate pattern for the beads I had chosen, and still I was unhappy. But after I'd finished off the last knot, it occurred to me that it didn't really LOOK bad... it was just my prejudice towards this overly used bead kicking in that made me dislike the necklace so much. Who in the world was going to look at a boy's hemp style necklace and say "Oh, how poser. You used PONY beads. Ugh. Doesn't EVERYONE use those?!" Kids are mean to each other... but I really don't think the beads I used were going to be the issue. So I tied it off, and handed it over to Sandy. Her coworker loved it, and her son wears it every day, so obviously I did something right! I still don't LIKE Pony Beads.... but I've come to the conclusion that they do have their uses. :)

So, what about you? Do you have any unreasonable hatreds towards any inconsequential, inanimate objects??? :)

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