Thursday, August 19, 2010

I learned a new word about myself!

That's right... I've come to the conclusion that "Masochist" now applies to me. Don't know what that is? Well, to save your precious brains from the rule of the internet that states "DON'T GOOGLE THAT!" I will explain it as: Someone who enjoys pain. Though in my case... it's all based around beads.

Why? You ask... (If you didn't ask that then you either don't really care, and thus have no reason to be here..... or you're in the same boat as me. haha) Well... in general beads are small, hard to see, and make me wrack my brain to come up with new designs. Then I go and add a webpage into that mix, that I am coding entirely by myself, PLUS purchasing new stock and coming up with NEW designs, making friends through facebook, AND running a blog... and my brain starts to explode a little. Or maybe it just oozes at the seams. Either way... I just keep coming back. Why? Because I'm addicted. Yeah... Bead addiction was something I knew about myself YEARS ago.  Pretty Shine'ys attracted me from every angle, and I was happy to label myself with those words.

But this new word? Yeah, that comes entirely from these multiple bead mixture packs we buy sometimes. No matter how many times I spend two days bent over them sorting through every single bead, I still keep going back for more!

There's no way around it... I have to admit it, and add one more word to what makes me "Me"... I am truely a glutten for punishment.